JME Help
CLR clears the editing area
DEL switches to eraser mode (click to atoms or bonds to delete them)
D-R deletes functional groups - choose this option and then click the bond connecting the group with the main skeleton
UDO one step undo
atomic charges may be changed by the +/- button
non-organic atoms may be inputted with the help of X button

JME Keyboard Shortcuts
ESC returns to the standard editing state (carbon, single bond)
atoms C, N, O, P, S, F, L (for Cl), B (for Br), I, H
bonds - for single bond, = for double bond
rings 3..8 for 3 to 8 membered rings, Ph is 1, furyl 0
groups a - COOMe, y - NO2, z - SO2NH2, t - tert. butyl, ft - CF3
molecule may be moved by "dragging" free space and rotated by pressing also the Shift key